Numbers are my
sweet spot.

I HELP CREATIVEs and small business owners
GET a handle on their finances and have cash to
sustain their lifestyle, invest in their business, and save.

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what you should know

I believe in education and empowerment.


I’m not just your bookkeeper helping you crunch the numbers.

I’m a trusted advisor, a partner in your finances, and an expert. I give you confidence in the money you make and spend and give you direction to maintain more control over your finances and grow a bigger bottom line that’s sustainable.

I was once in your shoes.

Once up a time I had my own creative business designing wedding invitations and small business brands, so I understand first-hand your money issues. But it was learning strategies to manage the irregular streams of income/cash flow, figuring out what to pay myself, and paying taxes that forced me to take a real look at the numbers and apply my professional expertise as a CPA to grow my business.

And I want to help you, too. Your money should be evolving with you. Because, let’s face it - if it’s not a profitable business, then it’s an expensive hobby. Let me manage your money and give you more options for your business and your personal life.

WHO I help


Graphic Designers
Wedding Planners
Hair Stylists

Interior Designers
Makeup Artists


and other creatives!


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