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The Creative's CFO is a boutique financial services agency who helps creative entrepreneurs by organizing their business finances and helping them build profitable and sustainable businesses.  

Through accountability partnership, education, and open, honest communication, The Creative's CFO is a trusted guide for creative entrepreneurs as they navigate their finances.  

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"When it comes to money, a level of taboo makes it hard for us to really get the answers we need.  It's like opening your lingerie drawer and inviting others to explore its contents."

- Dondrea OWENS

I'm Dondrea Owens.  I'm a certified public accountant, or CPA for short.  That means I have an extensive knowledge, through both education and experience, of business financial matters in the areas of accounting and taxes.  I use that in my work with creative entrepreneurs to champion major changes in the way they handle their money.  

Before I began working with creatives, I was an audit manager at a top national accounting firm for a decade where I focused on financial statement audits.  So, I'm a pro at making sure you capture and report all of your business transactions and create reports that allow you to assess your performance.  I also help you use those reports to make sound and strategic decisions in your business.

But, more importantly, I'm also a creative just like you.  I've run a design business for the past three years.  So, I know first-hand the unique challenges you face in your business and personal finances.  

If you're ready to stop making money mistakes and organize your business finances, let's create a spending plan tailored just for you, learn how to pay yourself from profit, and save for your taxes without the end of year surprises.  Let's finally manage your money and really get to know your numbers so that you can get some breathing room to focus on the part of your business you love doing.


step 01 |  book your free consultation

All good things start with conversation, so we'll start there.  Schedule a call with me, complete the questionnaire, and let's talk about money!  We'll discuss what you're really good at and what's not working for you to determine how I can best help.  You'll walk away with tips you can immediately implement. 


step 02 |  onboarding + set up

I'll set up a private, personalized workspace for us to share documentation - things like bank statements, receipts, contracts, etc. It'll save you time and keep us very organized as we're working through the set up phase.  It'll also make it super easy for you to know what's next in the process and for us to communicate.  You'll hear it a lot during our process - communication is key as I get to know your business and all of its transactions!  If you don't already have an accounting system you use and love, I'll also set one up for you that has the features you need.  That takes one more thing off your plate so that you can focus on the part of your business you love most.  


step 03 |  virtual meeting + support

As the chief financial officer of your business, we'll have a monthly virtual meeting to discuss your business transactions for the month.  I'll analyze your reports and give you my findings and recommendations for success toward your goals.  You no longer have to wonder about the progress you're making towards your money goals or have to take time away from working in your business.  You'll also have my personal contact information for money questions that pop up in between our scheduled calls.  I'm your primary source of support in making sure that you're staying on track and making major moves with your money!