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Why I Created The System Setup

You see, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to doing your own bookkeeping. And, it’s totally expected because you’re not an accounting professional! Pat yourself on the back for attempting to do it solo, and then find yourself a bookkeeper, accountant, or CPA that you vibe with and get her on your team STAT. I promise that a professional set of eyes on your books will give you confidence in your efforts to maintain your own bookkeeping.

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What Do I Need to Work With an Accountant?

While working with an accountant certainly brings a measure of relief, you should take some time to prepare prior to turning over your books.  So, what does that look like?

Well, the onboarding process is usually the toughest part.  It’s the information gathering phase. While you might have some of these items readily available to you, now‘s a good time to make sure you can put your hands on them quickly.  

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Who’s the Best Accounting Professional for Me?

There’s a misconception that good financial representation, along with client service, is out of reach, and I believe that’s based in part on the hierarchy of roles within the accounting industry.

It can be a mystery to figure out just who to call - bookkeeper, accountant, or certified public accountant (CPA) when the need arises.  Let’s break down the hierarchy, so that you know the players and which ones you need on your team.

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Is It Time to Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

You’re a busy entrepreneur wearing all the hats and doing #allthethings in your business. While you understand just how important knowing your numbers is, you only have so many hours to tackle the tasks behind the scenes of your business.  And, frankly, your bookkeeping just isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

Knowing your numbers doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you’ve piled yet another thing on an already full plate.  

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