Black Friday Exclusive: 2018 Review

Black Friday Exclusive: 2018 Review

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  • A performance review of your business by month and for the year 2018.

  • Suggestions for areas to watch for overspending, where to save, and expected growth opportunities.

  • A detailed guide about paying yourself, determining your savings each month, and paying estimated taxes.

*This offer must be used by March 15th. Limited spots available.

Q + A

What happens after I buy?
You'll receive a contract and invoice. Once your contract is signed and your invoice is paid, I’ll send you a welcome email with next steps and access to our private workspace.

What if I need catch-up bookkeeping?
If I find that you need catch-up bookkeeping during my review, I'll let you know! I’ll send you the expected number of hours plus my discounted hourly rate. We will also determine the timeframe for catching up!

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